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We offer a wide range of material to help you get the job done.

Pit Run

  • Mined straight from the bank in the pit

  • May include larger rocks

  • Ideal for back-fill, or road base

Screened A-Base

  • Ideal for roadway or any solid foundation applications surfaces with a higher

  • Moisture content as this has a little larger rock than crushed A base.

  • Approximately 5-25mm

  • Sieve analysis available upon request

Crushed A-Base

  • Road, driveway, building foundation, patio base, retaining wall base, or other projects needing a solid foundation, you will typically use this product.

  • Approximately 19-25mm

  • Sieve analysis available upon request

Crushed C Base

  • Mostly used for road surface applications once a good base is implemented.

  • Used on surface of grid roads and parking lots.

  • Approximately 75mm

  • Sieve analysis available upon request

Screened Topsoil

  • This product is sent through a fine screen to remove majority of the rock and vegetation content from the soil, It still may contain the occasional rock or small pebbles.

  • May contain small stone

Screen Shot 2023-06-13 at 7.30.57 AM.png


  • Good quality clean yellow clay mined from the bank of quarry.

3_4″ Clean Limestone.png

3/4″ Clean Limestone

  • Most commonly used for landscaping application, does not contain any fine material

  • Used as landscaping rock

Fieldstone Riprap

  • Used for erosion control

  • Assorted sizes

Coarse Screened Sand.png

Coarse Screened Sand

  • This product is most commonly used for bedding on pipes and electrical.

Screened Railway Ballast

  • This product has been screened to remove a majority of vegetation and fine materials, most commonly used for erosion areas or to create a good base in a wet location.

  • Used as landscaping rock

Reject Rock

  • 250mm minus

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